Its been an interesting morning. bf woke up loaded for bear. A few highlights are during a time out this morning, she decided to go into the bathroom (uh, nobody is supposed to go out of their room during time out) and use her tub crayons and write all over the bed rail. That was big fun. Then after lunch we have quiet time. She decided to tinkle in her pants while standing on her carpet. "You can use the potty whenever you need it, honey?" "But Bing does it." Bing does tinkle in his pants but he had an accident (ugh). (OK, that book goes right back to the library). Now I want to wear my pink pants, she said. Uh, no.

Looks like she's sick of being sick. I am too, I like breathing. Wheezing is not a fun adventure, especially when it wakes you out of a sound sleep at 4am.


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