no peeking

Let's see, this past weekend, what did we do...We had our neighbors over for lunch, pizza made with Jenny's famous dough. We have been saying we'd get together for four years, and we finally did it. bf loves company. after lunch we took a little walk with bf on her red scooter, walked up the street to return something to auntie fij (I have no idea how to spell that) and a brief walk around the block. dh had a gig that night so I worked on rev marks covenant card for the stewardship committee's thank you cards. Sunday we (actually) went to church. After, we drove to a consignment shop a couple of towns over looking for the perfect dining room table. I actually did find the perfect table on ebay, but it's a little out of my budget, and it doesn't include chairs, and we kind of need chairs too.

I have been getting mixed reviews to this blog "thingy" (as rr said), and I have enjoyed doing this, even for my own sake, so that I can remember some of what I do every day. Maybe it might be tmi, or too odd (chr*st) but oh well. I'll keep doing it. At least the pictures are ok, right tom?


squirrelrun said…
doesn't matter what other people think - if you like doing it, you like doing it. there.

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