Little bf woke with double barrels dripping. I am feeling my bronchitis coming back - so I'm wheezing. We're a pair. No p-school today, she was sad because today is rectangle day. With continual dripping, I gave her some gatorade this late morning to pump the fluids, and then she proceeded to drink, and then spit half of the gatorade on to the carpet in the sunroom while I was at the computer trying to pull together dh's business card design since we are fresh out of cash and need to sell everything including ourselves. So that was fun. You go upstairs and stay there while I clean this up. Then you are going to take a nap because of the huge circles under your eyes, and my frayed nerves. Basically you are trying to tell me to get off the computer, mom. But alas, one must adapt, or be put in for an early nap.


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