gotta go see the show at the mfa (really want to go with andrew)...caught a cold...did too much yesterday...today i don't want to do anything. an unfortunate turn of events for dh and bf, who want to do things today. so they will leave me here and i will try to drink fluids and sleep. boy, really intriquing post today. my brain is mush.

yesterday i went around my house to photograph what i want to sell on craigslist, or ebay...some way to bring cashola to our bank account. as far as i'm concerned, pretty much everything is for sale, need something?

i shouldn't be sitting here because i should be sleeping. or at the least, lying down.

some recent listening "Forever" by fleetwood mac, man gave names to all the animals (bob dylan), and duncan (paul simon) -- i found an ancient mix tape (on which I had written "growing up") and popped it into my tape deck (!) in my car. so those are just a few -- lets see if i can get any of those on itunes...probably not. want to make another mix cd for rev dan, for his ordination. but just might not get to it in time. i'll have to see if there is any brain left in my head after my sinuses clear.


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