giant squid

yesterday i spent my time watching the discovery channel. so basically i stared into space not really focusing on much, except the giant squid! it was needed. by the end of the day i felt much better.

last night bf got up at some point and decided to put on some underpants (instead of a pull up) and go to bed. for some reason i woke up - and noticed her light was on. of course she had tinkled on her bed and had positioned herself at the end of the bed to go back to sleep with a blanket over her. she starts yelling "I want to be all pink!" (The color of her jammies, which now were soaked with tinkle). to her credit, she had taken off the tinkly underpants (and put them on the floor) and changed into a fresh pull up. but that was not quite enough. nothing more fun than changing bedsheets at 3am, then going back to sleep and being wide awake. wide awake wide awake wide awake now what? and falling asleep so hard that i can't seem to wake myself up at 8am (very late for me, and this household). So i guess we need to start nighttime training, don't have any idea how to do that.

BF had a babysitter saturday night, a neighbor whom trade off cat sitting with. she had never babysat for us before, and because of that, i wanted to make sure she had all the info she needed, and i made her chocolate pudding as payment, because she said she didn't do it for money. she came over at 5:30pm, and i had some leftovers for bf, but at that very moment i realized (in my head cold, dayquil state) that i had neglected to make her any supper. boy was i red in the face. she a vegetarian, who only eats certain things and is allergic to lots of stuff, i could have been alot more prepared, but i wasn't. boy did i feel stupid. she was very nice about it. and bf had a great time with her. so next time, if i get a next time, i will be alot more prepared, and i won't be sick, with half a brain. I also noticed on sunday morning, how nasty bf capret was, how dirty the sink was, and how i left a load of dirty laundry in the living room. so not only did i not feed her, she got a first hand veiw of how dirty my house is. crap. i have to go water the plants.


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