The Best Christmas Tree Ever - 2013 Edition

Schatten Berg Tree Farm, go there next year. You're welcome.
Why? It's shape reminds me of Nana Harting's trees. It reminds me of all we have endured, grown, and gained this year. The beautiful, complicated, talented, and graceful Bubblefish and her epic year of growth and change. My amazing friends and family and all the love and support that surrounds me. The reconnection with the amazing Neff nieces and nephews, and Rick. The gift of photography my father bestowed on them and me. Of the night we decorated, and how I got to listen to Paul Simon with my husband in the SAME ROOM. The one or two green bows that Oliver placed on the tree upside down, by accident. Eggnog, Napoleon Dynamite, Doctor Who, Monty Python, The Man who Planted Trees, and hope. It brings me a peace I've never had before, and I like it.


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