A Giant Spitball

I have been reading a great deal this past year. Books can be good food for the soul. They also make me crazy because I wish I could write. But, I will be satisfied if I can sculpt or maybe draw. It's ok. The good news is that things are brimming at the surface.

2013 has dragged us to edges we've never been before. With all of the glorious awkwardness of middle school hurling itself at our little family like a giant spitball, we have endured, and are all coming out stronger for it. Take THAT, puberty. I blow my nose at you.

A major stroke of light and luck for us is the quiet grace of our nephew that has by all accounts been exactly the kind of therapy this family needed. Quite by accident, he has helped us focus on what is good and right in our lives, taught us how to laugh again, and how to celebrate who we are, faults and all. All the while, he's finding his own path. I am humbled and so very grateful.


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