yes, i know

i was being paranoid. everyone is fine, and i am a freak. but, hey, at least i'm consistent. i should explain a little. see, the traffic next door to us starts to pick up at around 10:30pm. People drive up and leave at regular intervals, and I am constatntly woken up but doors slamming and cars starting. Noboby really goes in to our yard, except for when they drunkenly back over the signpost in front of our house and on to our lawn, taking off quickly and leaving deep gouges in the yard, or they throw their homemade b*ngs into our back yard, and the constant little of beer cans in the gutter. For the most part, they keep to themselves, and are friendly. Ok...we are off to go swimming on this really hot and sticky day. I was hoping to get up earlier. There is always tomorrow.

Yesterday we went to the Plymouth Rock (looks, it's a rock!), the Mayflower (must have been crowded!), and the Plimoth Plantation (gee, the Indian exhibit is much cooler, temperature-wise) we spent more time there than anywhere else. Then we went swimming -- and now will will go again if the kids ever put on their bathing suits. LET'S GO! BUS IS LEAVING!


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