suddenly your mine

Just watched part of a movie. This is the thrid time i have seen this movie. I have yet to see it in it's entirety. maybe it will take me a whole year to see the entire movie, who knows. with an actor who reminds me alot of my dh when we first met. i like some of the music, and some of the camera work. i guess if i am doing the video thing more i ought to see more films, eh?

lots to do tomorrow. going down to brewster to visit my friend visiting from cali, and her fam. then for dinner going out with I, and i no doubt will hear all about the goings on in her crazy family, and all the hell that she's going through. i made a muffeletta and some chocolate chip cookies, was going to make a greek salad, but forget it. i'll bring some pineapple.

just finished "String too short to be saved". My gdh recommended it. i was crying like a baby. the book is wonderful, but you must read the epilogue. really brings things into focus. just gave it to my sister to read up in maine. i hope she does, it's the perfect place to read it.


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