uh, ok.

It seems like a lost cause, this blog thing. Well, even if I am talking ot myself, I guess that's, um, therapeutic? Let's see, I have had a birthday, along with a lovely dinner at my sister's house. I finally got back in touch with a teacher i had in college. it was great to see him and his wife are doing well. I went to maine for a week with my sister and her kids, and she played Little House in the Prairie (book on tape) for the kids on the ride up, and bf LOVED it. She said, I want to own that, mummy. Let's start by getting it out of the library. No, I want to OWN it. Ok, get a job. No, I got some of the other books in the series from the library. Haven't listened yet, but she's now transfixed by the "read-along" Frog and Toad are Friends books with cd. She is asking to listen to that every time in the car. Our great neighbors made us dinner last night and gave me a gag gift: a tee shirt with the words "He's at a gig" on the front and "Gig Widow" on the back. Funny as hell. But, sadly, very true. Tomorrow we will go and gorge ourselves on TOm's buffalo wings, avocado rice salad, and the standard dogs and burger fare that is the fourth of July in "america's home town" No, I don't beleive the hype. But the food is great! I am now pacing the widows walk of my manion waiting for my husband to come back from the sea that is music. I bid you adieu (waving hanky at you).


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