We did it!

It was everything I'd hope it would be. What an overwhelmingly emotional night. I was so excited to show the video, Frankie and Mark had heard about the video from Bill. It was shown at 8:30 before the presentations, and it was a big hit. everyone loved it.
i think what touched me most was listening to frankie speak later in the evening and i guess that we were in sync about the roots of cycling. he kept referring to my video and how all of the people who were around, the club, the racing circuit, were all part of the fabric of who he became and what he carried with him. I was blown away, really. he spoke about his family, his own, and the family of cycling, mentioned almost all of the people that were in the video, he mentioned pete and lodi, attributed their interest in cycling to them. spoke about working at the bike shop, me showing him how to dust the bikes, HA! he really was touched by the sentiment that i was working so hard to get across, and i did it! hooray for me! it was so wonderful to see him and mark, mary and suzanne, and frankie really hasn't changed at all. mary too, down to earth. Most of all, it meant alot to me that they have this momento of what was just the beginning of an incredible career for both of them. a really big thank you to my parents who got behind this idea of the video 100% and made it happen. i think i will sleep all day tomorrow. then i will go to the gym. it's 1am. good night.


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