oh boy

what a day. First, bf was throwing up every hours for three hours, then she started throwing up every half hour for three hours, then she was throwing up every fifteen minutes until around 4:30 she stopped and was able to drink some gatorade very slowly over the course of three hours rounding it out with a half of a saltine, then she went to bed and promptly threw it all up. i told her to stop drinking her gatorade and get some rest. she tinkled, finished her gatorade and her saltine and fell asleep. she is wiped out. i am glad she is sleeping, she didn't nap during the day at all. i am hyper paranoid about getting sick because i had this stomach bug the day after the frankie and mark dinner and was out cold for two days. the recovery to regular food was quite slow too. i am going to sleep now because the is a strong possibility that i will be awakened tonight.

Oh, and by the way, bf has had a dry pull up for five days in a row! she's in bed tonight with undies. keep your fingers crossed for her.

Just another exciting day at our house!


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