no, seriously

Sunday, in the wee hours of the morning the phone rings and rings and rings. WHa? it's 4:12am.
It's my sister, who, because she was feeling nauseous was not sleeping, heard a loud diesel truck idling outside her house and peeked outside to see what it was. Now she also happens to live next door to the parents. It's a fire truck and after thumping her husband to wake up and check it out, she finds out that Dad (on his second day of the stomach bug) passed out, Mom is throwing up and their cat died, all at the same moment. That is a crappy way to start the day. Mom sent dad to the hospital. It's the stomach bug, don't get it, whatever you do.

This February vacation has been one big pizza fest. Let's see, Sat had dh's dad and step mom plus k,v and their three kids for pizza. (then sunday was spent at the hospital with dad) then monday, (after dad is released from the hospital with a clean bill of health) we have a playmate from bf's school and her mom and sister over for pizza. right now i should be calling my neighbor about dinner with them (pizza). we will be visiting another friend in pocasset tomorrow, and thurs is craft time at church and friday will be out to visit f&m, mostly m and bring cookies...sat, doing taxes...geez. busy busy. oh and dh has gigs thur, fri sat and sun nights. Fun! Oh well.

Here's who visited us today. he is such a cutie!


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