i really am trying to update this blog ona regular basis, really. Here's a sample of this very moment as I sit in front of the computer (scene, I am typing):

This morning ("i need some,can i please have some red pinky socks") I am ("can I please have some red socks") ("I need stuff for my backpack because there is only one shirt - I remembered!") Am I writing something here? Did I start a thought? I think maybe I can remember it -- probably will on the way to the hairdressers with bf. (Temporary retreat to bedroom to select things for backpack) heads starting to clear, I can have a complete thought without being interrupted. maybe i should lie down. Ok, what was I saying?


This morning bf asked me for a Friday egg. But it's only thursday, I said. What will you have tomorrow? She had to think about that.

So we had a friday egg, a bowl of cereal, pears, and milk - oh and a piece of auntie jenny toast.

(I got some tights for the backpack, h here's the tights, look at the tights, look at what color the tights are (singing) this white tights will look really pretty with the green skirt, wouldn't that be pretty together? How about the white tights with the green skirt and the pink shirt)



elisa said…
thank you for trying to update! you know i love it :)


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