I am creaky today. I had a very-personal-oscopy and biopsy done yesterday and I didn't think that I would still feel crappy today, but guess what?

no worries though, the doctor was not concerned by what she saw. Still though, she did a biopsy to see what she's dealing with - to be on the safe side, I guess. Real tired today. Took a short nap and while I was napping someone else fell asleep (bf). I glanced in to see her angelic face sleeping face. This morning she asked me "when do I not have to take naps anymore?" well, obviously not today.

I need to go visit my much neglected neighbor whom I adore but never see even though she lives right across the street. I asked bf the other day if she missed nita. She said no. No? "No, mama, she right over there."

I really have to start moving forward with the gift giving holiday. papa wants to take bf xmas shopping, maybe this weekend. She already told me what she wants to get for me "Mama, I want to get you a dress, tights, shoes and roses." "What do you want to get papa?" "Wine and beer." That left me scratching my head. Huh?


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