...it's a tug of war

what with one thing and another.

BF has a new favorite song "The angels wanna wear my red shoes". I am so proud! I also have decided to delve into the Beatles, more Elvis Costello, the Specials and Paul McCartney (with and without Wings). She listened to "Green Shirt" and "Oliver's Army" and I played a tape of the Specials for her -- I have ordered the cd's from the library. The other morning I woke up with "Senior Services" in my head (Elvis Costello), and it inspired me. She really enjoys hearing new music - she will listen very intently and try to sing along if she can.

She is quite a perceptive kid. Maybe I have a slightly biased view but last Monday we drove down to the cape to visit her Little friend N from dancing. It was a dreary day, rainy and dark. As we were going over the Sagamore bridge I told her "Look for boats in the canal!" She looked and said "No boats, it's a lousy day to be on a boat today, mummy." Huh.

Newsflash -- BF had a haircut! At least 6" off. She looks quite grown up.

She loves the cut and is constantly swinging her hair around. It's much easier on mummy too, as far as brushing goes.


Anonymous said…
This town is toooo hot.

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