so much

have you ever had a friend one day, and then they just disappear? I have been the disappearing one and the dumped one. most recently, i was the dumped one. let me just say, it's very weird. in my experience it was a mom of a bf friend. we started hanging out alot this summer. she's funny, and sharp witted. her husband is really nice, and dh and i enjoyed having them over for cook outs. we even invited them up to the nh house, took them to s-land, and had an all around fun time. i knew from the start that this person wasn't really a big social butterfly, and had admitted to me that she didn't like people much. so my guess is that i annoyed her sufficiently enough that she had enough of me. but what i didn't know was that i was really annoying. my mom said that maybe she's going through a rough time. i know all about going through a rough time and holing yourself up, giving birth did that to me. the problem is, the dumped is left to guess what happened. is she critically ill? is she divorcing? does she need me, but can't ask? so my mom said that i should call her every once and a while - so i have been, and this is on my mind because i called her and left a message (a cheerful hello) yesterday. in all honesty, if she were wanting to not speak to me, then calling is probably not a good idea, but how am i to know? it was so sudden. but, what am i gonna do, right? oh well.


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