california visits

This past weekend a blast from the past came to visit with his wonderful family. We brought them to nana ita's house in the mountains of nh. bf and q had a grand time together. dh is still suffering from the hike we took. just shows him that he needs to go on more hikes, i guess. we drank some really great wine, ate some softshell lobsters and chatted alot. it was finally a trip that we got to spend some good quality time with our friends. alot of baseball was spoken (go padres). we brought them to storyland. The foliage was spectacular. the weather was, well, new englandy. bf really took to them, they were very sweet with her. i don't have a camera yet, and the photos are awful that the video camera took. i just started to download the video clips this morning before bf's school. so i hope to be able to piece something cohesive together soon.

and yet this post really doesn't portray how we laughed til we cried about the "d-ream" rock while trying to play scrabble. or being completely soaked on our hike - me wearing a shower curtain - soaked from sweat on the inside and drenched with rain on the outside - giving me the extra workout i was missing at the gym. or swinging on the swings in north conway center in the dark, talking about the olympic training center and other mutual friends -- realizing we've forgotten alot, or maybe that was just me. the home made fruit cobbler, toads on a hole with toasted rounds - i am talking with my stomach - pizza and more pizza until it made me sick sunday night. home made pesto which q kept commenting "yum!" the moat, the beer, the toasted wine, maple candy, flying airplanes, the chuao (of course), good coffee, switching passengers in boston, after a few (really) near death experiences for me, and realizing that on the way up - we mostly talked about the same things (funny) in each car. ok, that feels more real.


wendy said…
Quinn's little brain got so much good stimulus on our trip, he will be conversing with us soon. Thank you again for all the good times. Heart heart heart!

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