gee, where do I start

Early this month I had my 20 year high school reunion. (whew!) dh and I were not sure how the evening was going to go, but we (I) decided that I wanted to try to catch up with some of my friends (the five, maybe six friends I had). The evening started out a bit awkward, but quickly melted into a great evening, with dh and I really glad we went -- the one thing I couldn't get over was that everyone was lit up (save a few of us)! Why was I astonished that everyone was drinking heavily? All I can say is that I never was a big drinker - I guess. One of the people I wanted to catch up with was there with his wife (who traveled from Florida) - and we ended up spending most of the whole evening talking with them, and enjoying ourselves tremendously (without the aid of alcohol) and happily, they visited our house the next day and bf and their son were fast friends. We hope to see them later in November when they come up for her 20th reunion...

oh, yeah, and I read a book. "The Time Travelers Wife" -- that is another thing entirely.
oh, and I got a camera (thanks, ss) and am trying to figure out how to use it. I am making fast progress.

and I made my own witch hat out of newspaper for Halloween, and bf made her own candy corn hat. She is a ghost with a candy corn hat (at her request), and she wanted me to be a witch. This morning, before the preschool Halloween party, I put on some witch makeup and I scared bf. Then she said, you aren't as scary without your hat on, mummy. I pretty much scared all the kids at the party too -- that was fun, and nobody knew who we were, for a few minutes anyway. But isn't that the whole point?

and and and

and when bf grows up, she wants to be a whale driving a race car, with the number 100 million on the side.

and I need to update this more often

and I need to grow another set of arms.


Anonymous said…
Little tiny Garcie calls herself CeeCee.

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