much better ankle, no gym for three days now. i am really missing it.
we are waiting, somewhat impatiently, to leave the house for a play date at little n's house with j.
we just pulled out the train set so i am hoping that will filll up the next hour or so before we leave.

i am really missing not having a camera. my ancient epson 3000 just stopped working. it had been threatening to stop but now, it's for real. i have had my heart set on the s80 for a couple of months now but may settle for the less expensive fujifilm f30 which looks good. i wish these things had aa batteries. it's not very convenient having special batteries -- then you have to get at least two sets and make sure they are charged up and blah blah blah. canon does has superior color...

i think that a's bc is almost designed! Yippee! Now if he will just answer the phone...hello?


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