Lately, there has been a lot of talk about hearts. It is BF's favorite shape. So she has taken it a step further. If she is especially happy, she will get lovey dovey and say "mama, you're a heart person." it is truly a sweet moment.

Today we got up late because we had pizza last night at the neighbors house. we went slower than we should have and ended up running around like crazy to get to the b-day party out in carver. we were late, not uncommon to us, but a new phenomenon to our (newer) friends. I made a kid music CD library for little J. i sure hope she likes it. it wasn't the most glamorous present - so it was not nearly as interesting as the harmonica that was taped on top of the cds.

I have recently rediscovered pee wee's playhouse. thanks to the local library, we can get it on dvd. it's so funny to see again. something i thought was so innovative, and cutting edge appears to me now like an 80's version of a 50's variety show -- which makes me like it even more than i did before. it's funky and funny, but thoughtful. Ha, who ever thought i'd be saying that about a tv show. bf really enjoys it alot. don't get me wrong, i don't promote the watching of television, i am just (really) selective.

i need to go to sleep and get up tomorrow and reorganize the garage. my goal is to set up some shelves in the garage to house the yard sale/craigslist stock - then stuff can be pulled out of the house and live somewhere (labeled) ready for sale or the garbage (who knows!) and not be mixed in with the stuff we are keeping - ultimately to clean out the basement entirely and clean it somehow - seal or dispose of the asbestos, and figure out how to make the basement water tight...(right...)


Scott said…
Seal the asbestos. I will look up some products and techniques for you.

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