all right

I may have overdone it with the gym. This morning as i write at 5:30am my ankle is sore. sore enough to kep me from the gym. but i will plan on going tomorrow and this morning will take the opportunity to water the plants before they get cooked today. last night bf went to bed at 5:45pm. she was so tire that her eyebrows hurt. that's when i know she's really tired. yesterday ben came over and we had swimming lessons in the afternoon and she did not rest between events. i remembered this morning that friday is dancing school girl play date. i have to remember to call k this morning.

"mama, is it always summer on summer street?" that is the big question.

so how is the s80?


e said…
hi! the S80 is pretty good. I'm happy with the size of it, the color quality and the battery life. I wish it had more zoom, but for my purposes now it's nice. let me know if you have any specific questions about it.


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