well, more like the past few days.

bf had her fourth birthday party and it was (apparently) a smashing success. I made a triple layer cake with blue waves on the sides and a whale on the top. Because it was all about the Orca. I photographed her stuffed Orca, and from that, did the invitations, and from that, did the decorations that I printed, cut, glued and hung (what am I, crazy?) Orca coloring pages for the kids and cups of crayons. Did I mention that ikea rules? Got some little ocean life finger puppets, and those were the favors (after laboring over that for over two weeks, the day before the party, a big A-HA - thanks to kristen.) the Orca pinata was very exciting, except for the fact that the third kid to pull a string opened the pinata -- so that activity was over in a hurry. It was also cold and raw outside. bf wore a beautiful multi colored polka dot dress, and insisted on wearing her strawberry socks over her tights AND her backpack full of her whale and fishy friends so that nobody would be able to play with them (ok...). I am sick now, fighting off this cold thing as best I can. We also bought an ikea bed off of craigslist. (love craigslist) and set it up in the sunroom for nana ita when she comes down. It has a ton of storage underneath and will suck up everything and more and also be a bed that I can nap on! It takes up nearly the whole bloody room, only because the room itself is only about six by nine feet and this bed is about 33" tall, the mattress sits right at the height of the windows...but the storage capacity is like a dream.

ok so my list of things to do over the next week includes:
- covenant cards for church, design, print laminate (how many?)
- send thank you cards to the kids from the party
- get some deep storage bins for the bed - and little locks
- my sister is coming over tomorrow to help me plant giant hostas in the front on either side of the walk, dig up the bearded
iris and replant them in another part of the yard, dig up the side yard garden and replant, consolidate stuff. In between
there somewhere is fertilize manure and bark mulch.

my other sisters birthday is coming this weekend, so we will have a shindig at our house, and Sunday is a celebration of 35 years of service of our pastor, to which I will go, even though some governing members of the church are "dumber than a box of hair" (as k says).

I looked through the photo taken on Easter and at the party and marked them today. I still need an external hard drive to continue my video editing project. It took two days to clean up from the party. I noted to dh this morning that the only vestiges from the party are a dirty bowl and the cake decorating stuff. My desk is a total wreck, I need more space or a flat panel monitor.


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