allergies. worst yet. wiped out. can barely stay awake during the day, want to crawl under a rock, except there would be mold there or something, and i would still be sneezing. sudafed doesn't even touch it. i guess i'll try claritin, but that stuff makes me feel weird. we need to get an external hard drive for my digital video editing stuff. my files are too big - 40 gb is not enough. so i am waiting for that. bf turns 4 in two days. i can't hardly believe it. i have to print out my whale from the invite to make a template for the cake - i love to make cakes but i feel so lousy, my heart isn't in it. well, i'm sure i'll pull it together. what's with austin anyways? andrew, quit it! i've got to go lie down. i'll just have the maid make supper. Photo of my video/portfolio inspiration (thanks).


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