scratch that

I have been changing my life/yard all this week. Thanks to the persistent presence of my sister (with a brief appearance by fancy pants sister) and my parents. We made organic shaped beds on either side of the front walkway, created an iris bed in the front right corner of the yard. Created a bed and joined/extended the existing bed to flank the side walkway. When writing it, it doesn't sound like much, but let me tell you that it had taken me five, going on six years to actually affect the living space in my yard. It is liberating, and empowering. Never in my life did I ever think that I needed 14 bags of bark mulch. I am sunburned and exhausted. And right now I have a bit of heartburn from eating some old pizza in the fridge. But overall I feel great! With exclamation points and everything.

My bubblefish also went for her four year checkup. She loves her doctor and the nurse is so sweet. She had to have two vaccinations. I told her a little bit about them, and how they would pinch a bit, it would be only a second (count to one, I said) and then she'd get some really cool band-aids. Well she was more excited about the band-aids. She winced a little with the first shot, and a bit more with the second, but she did not cry. I couldn't believe it! Now I was ready to cry because I am not so good with the needles, and I was expecting some crying (which is perfectly fine), but no. She was such a champ! She did ask a few times why did she have to be pinched like that and so I explained it was to keep her healthy, etc. I am very impressed with my girlie pearl. Just for your information she is 37 pounds and 41 inches tall. I am so proud of her I could burst.

tomorrow the yard enforcer will see the finished work, and I am sure she'll like it. It's all because of her that I was able to do this -- so I am eternally grateful to her for showing me the way. Now I want to do so much more.

bf has her dance recital rehersal tomorrow morning. yes, i'll be crying at that. she's just so amazing, i wish dh was around more to see that. Then tomorrow evening is my sister's birthday shindig. i made the cole slaw tonight with bf's help. i hope this heartburn goes away.

well, goodnight.


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