my dog is a plumber

for the past few nights i have played the free to be you and me cd for bf during supper. bf loves the "hi, hi, i'm a baby..." one, and i have enjoyed watching her as she sits listening intently.
well, i wrote quite a bit the other day about my stomach pains, and what i have gone through to figure out what's wrong. that is the post i lost, but i will say in short, that it has lessened, but i am still going to call the gastroenterologist to see what's up.
Bf and I went to the library this afternoon, I had to pick up the 12 books i had on hold. We went to the children's room to read some books and look around. Mid book I hear a voice and look up. It is our former associate pastor, hello's exchanged and we spoke a bit about books. Peter rabbit comes up and I asked bf if she knew him. Our FAP breaks out in song "peter rabbit is the stupid books about the stupid rabbit who steals vegetables from other peoples garden". I nearly fell off my chair. So I quipped back "Eighty three to go..." It's not every day that your former associate pastor sings from the You're a Good Man Charlie Brown soundtrack in the middle of the library. I have to say, at least from my family's perspctive, we really miss him.

NEW PARENTAL MOTTO: don't get comfortable
i.e. I think i have something licked with bf and she starts right up again with renewed focus. it's bedtime and right now she's upstairs (with the lights out) looking for someting else in her room to tear apart because i took all of the pull ups and wipes in their basket and the two pairs of shoes she lined up in her room. ...i know, i'll go upstairs into my room so i can keep a closer ear on things and , yup, she's up...more later. ok so she wanted to poop, which she did (barely worth mentioning) and then suceeded in pushing me past the limits of my patience, HARK, i hear papa! OH PAPA!!! bf wants a hug and kiss from you...good night my sweet girl - and for g*d sake, GO TO SLEEP!


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