is it too much to ask?

just 2 womb chairs on either side of my fireplace. a comfortable place to rest. today bf went back to school. it was exercise day today, so she wore her sneakers. and after i dropped her off, i ran around like crazy doing all of the little errands i have been putting off all last week. we had lunch with n+f, and bf said she wanted to have a nap there too. ok! i am not going to argue with that. i got to go over a huge amount of photos with dad while she "napped". She was quiet as a mouse, but i think it is unlikely that she actuallt slept. then home to barely eat any supper, and poop (the reason she wasn't hungry) and stand in the bathroom screaming and throwing wipes on the floor (what?) (note: this is the reason i think she didn't nap at n+f's house) so i put her to bed and right then i should have gone to bed. NNNOOOOO...i have to stay up and watch mindless television until dh gets home at 10pm from his gig. so now i should really go to bed.
oh, my cousin gus called me back today. i wish that we could see him and his family more, and by more, i mean better then our current record which is (maybe) once a year. it really wouldn't take much to improve on that.

when will someone on craigslist post some brand new womb chairs for $50 each...and why didn't that box of cheerios have that winning $500 gift card in it? come on people! throw me a bone.


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