everything but the girl

andrew made a dvd for me of bubblefish's first year (a slideshow) using a song (the acoustic version) by everything but the girl called apron strings. a million years ago i was familiar with the version that was on the She's Having a Baby soundtrack. I have been in a serious everything but the girl mood the past few days. (I also have has james taylor - in the pocket playing in the mornings. woman got to have it.) The point to this post was that I wanted to get apron strings from itunes and it's too old! they don't have it! I think maybe i should be writing this post with one of those big feather pens and a jar of ink. crap. simply put: i'm old.

DH got me a brand new computer this past christmas that would allow me to do all of the digital video stuff i have been hankering to do for the past few years. First i have to figure out how to use the software. I made a slideshow thingy for BF's second year ( year ago), if i can just get that transferred to dvd, then i can move on to the third, and incorporate some video. and then i will grow another set of arms to do it all.


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