At the beginning of the school year BF got in to the habit of visiting nita (our 90 yo neighbor across the street) after school by herself and tell her about her day. We got out of that practice, and I asked her the other day if she wanted to have a visit with nita to show her some school work and pictures she'd done. So I set up a day with Nita, and BF even crossed the street (quiet, dead end street) by herself for the first time (me coaching from the curb). She was very proud of being able to have an alone visit with nita. A half hour passed and I went over to collect BF and I found them playing a matching pairs game that nita had from way back. bf was giggling away, and they were having a grand old time. i almost felt as though i should have not come over as soon as i did. BF was having a great time. later that night i got a call from nita telling me what a fun time she had with bf and how wonderful it was to hear her laugh so much. i was so pleased that they had a nice visit. bf and i plan to visit her tomorrow morning to bring her some fresh squeezed oj, and hopefully plan another fun afternoon without mama. i just love nita. And BF.


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