It has been quite a while since I posted last. The holidays seem to take over my life. Well, it was a great time, and great food. Fun was had by all. Now bubblefish wants to open up a valentines store with her cousin m. she made a sign and everything. right now, she has strep throat, which really stinks because once you get it, you tend to get it again. crapola. last night, after mad coughing fits, she got to sleep and is still sleeping. the poor thing is exhausted from all the coughing she is enduring. Here are some christmas morning shots.

Tape! My tape fiend got some of her own to waste! She's psyched!

Stocking loot

OOOOoooo, felt! Super!

Awww, "strawby" is what she named him. A friend for Lemon! His leaves are over stuffed, i need to fix that.

Even Fritz liked his new toy.

All the pictures I took of dh didn't come out so well, but he loved his stuff too.


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