trying to figure out where the days go

- 4:40am bf is up and around
wants to play games on her camera
argues with mama -- gives up camera
goes back to sleep
- at 5am my alarm goes off for the gym -- i shut it off because dh was up until 1 or 2 am and my getting up will disturb bf and he won't get any more rest -- so i decide to go to the gym after i drop bf off at school
- go back to sleep
- 7am - got up
- checked email - 1 from poetick
- made sure bf had undies on
- went downstairs to the kitchen
- emptied the dish drainer
- loaded the dishwasher
- swept the kitchen floor
- swept the back hall
- scooped the cat box
- put all of the dry snow gear away
- cleaned off bf's boot that fell into the catbox
- turned on the oven to make the cookies for neighbor who plowed the end of our driveway
- cut up peaches for bf's breakfast
- got out her vitamin and calcium
- got out my various vitamins
- got out bowls for cereal - bf get spoons
- bf decides we'll have a crafting morning - she organizes things to work on and puts them on the kitchen table
- we eat breakfast
- we bus the table
- we get crafting - i make a valentine for bf and she makes a flet blanket for a very small stuffed animal for me, and also it's a valentine
- started this list
- started baking the cookies
- put the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher
- cleaned up the crafting table
- wrap christmas present to send to california (a little late)

and it's only 9:40am. Got to get bf dressed, brushed and washed. Got to plan that tomorrow we will do a practice run to school at 8:30 - 8:45am. She starts morning kindergarten next week. Got to get all the books from upstairs that have been read in the past week and record it for the reading incentive program at school.

More list of the rest of the day later. Wow, how exciting, I bet the suspense is killing you.


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