I am focusing on finishing some work for my GDH so that I can finally clear my conscience -- and yesterday my parents and I sat down an viewed a million billion slides and contact sheets from the way back machine which is the 1980's. Back then cycling was a huge part of our lives then and two of our former club members went on to become world class cyclists. A tribute dinner is planned for them and I had the big idea that we create a dvd of images from that time in their lives. My father was really the documentarian for the club, photographing alot of events, cycling and social, so we have a vast library to choose from.

Now picking the music has been on my mind. "Kids in America" was a solid choice. But after looking at the slides and contact sheets, maybe something more reflective would be good. "These are the days" by Natalie Merchant would be the obvious choice...There will only be one run through with music -- then it will be put on a loop and the photos will just flip through.

Or Wonderwheel by Dan Zanes (get it!) - just listened to it, looks like it may end up being the winner...

IMAGE: That's Frankie's first race, first final sprint and first win (far left).


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