I want

this project for Frankie and Mark to be a success. I am early in the game here and I am not yet feeling it. I have a huge pile of photos but am already seeing gaps, people missing, Lodi, Beth, Pete, to name a few. I want it to work as a timeline of sort (loosely) and I have turned my house upside down to find snapshots and drawings -- also my mom and dad are combing through their archives. It has to be special because they are so special, a gift to this beleaguered sport. I have stepped away from the movie for the day, I will have fresh eyes tomorrow. I have been searching the web tonight to get a little bit of a knowledge base about their current history in cycling. There is a lot to wade through. I also got a glimpse at the guest list so far. It is a bit of a relief to find that I know quite a few of them. I will be going to this event without dh (he has a gig) so I am sort of sad about that, I wanted to share this with him. Keep me in your thoughts, I have got to make this work the way it should - for Frankie and Markie.


elisa said…
SO cool! good luck :)


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