too much

I made WAAAAYYY too much cole slaw. Yikes. UJ's party was a success, and my dogs are barking, on my feet most of the whole time. I came home and wanted to go straight to bed, but had to revise my letter to a speech. With much help from my father, here it is:

Thank you for providing this forum to discuss the budget and the future of the church house.

Giving up our use of the church house in favor of a commercial daycare is, in my opinion, not compatible with the role of the church in the community. The up front cost to bring in this enterprise - a playground - is prohibitive in our present financial condition. The twelve hour days, five days a week schedule proposed would incur serious and premature wear of the building, prevent other income opportunities, and displace our current users. There also exists the potential for the daycare to expand into a preschool and take over the Sunday school space, ignoring a big reason why we renovated the church house in the first place.

Many good ideas for church house use were presented on the May 23rd in the evening meeting: leasing space to a college, ramping up advertising of our church and services such as reception rental (after the completion of the kitchen), and many more. Some in the audience volunteered to increase their pledges to meet our budget shortfalls, and the exchange of ideas on how to create future income are a tribute to the dedication of our members.

We have all recently invested alot energy and money in our church house. I am grateful to be given a voice in plans for its future. A commercial daycare is not an appropriate financial solution, and not in line with our mission. We are one family in the service of God. We have many talents and if given opportunity, will rise to the needs of our church. Please, ask us.

And you can kiss my *ss. Well, I won't really say that, but I sure feel like it. So now I will sleep. I'm exhausted.


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