6:15am "MAMA!" silence "MAMA!" silence "MAMA! UM EARW!" (mama, come here!)
We are on night five of no pull ups, and we have had two dry nights and three wet ones. But as my sister says, there's no turning back now. Oh well.

Today I must make a ton of coleslaw, and some cornbread. I also want to spend some time working on andreweb. It will have to be this morning before 11am, and after bedtime. dh has three gigs this weekend and he is going off overnight tonight because one of the gigs starts at 8:30 am in nh tomorrow. Tomorrow bf and i will go to CI's ballet performance in boston with the rest of the cousins, and then to jacob wirths for some german food.

Something is wrong with the cat, he is howling weirdly for the past few days. I won't elaborate, Tom. But dh and bf may bring him to the vet today. And I can work on andreweb.

How about loster, maple syrup, saltwater taffy (blech). There's a combination!

For some reason my hamstrings are really sore, all last night and this morning. Mighty uncomfortable.

I forgot how much I like tuna with celery.


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