starfish and coffee

maple syrup and jam...kid music on the brain. Ever since I have reworked my yard, well, first it rained for 2 weeks and then I want to be outside weeding, when it's not raining. The days get away from me now. irene will call, "what did you do this weekend?" hmm, I did alot, but give me a minute, and i'll remember. Every weekend has seems to have two or more things going on. I don't dare answer the phone for fear that I'll have something more to do!

A typical day: wake, get bf out of tinkley pull up, pick outfit for her to wear, make the bed, go downstairs, put up the shades, go into kitchen and make something for the bf to eat, have breakfast, clean up from breakfast, vitamins, back upstairs to dress and or shower, brush teeth, brush hair on bf, dry mine, leave house to either 1. go to school or 2. go to play date or 3. go to grocery store or 4. go to target for paper goods/cleaning products, complete one of 1-4 and come home to think about what to prepare for lunch, and at the same time think about what to plan for supper (maybe take out something from freezer to thaw). Lunch making, lunch eating, lunch cleaning, quiet time (ideally), read a book to bf and leave her to be quiet in her bed for a while so that I can frantically try to remember what I can get done while bf is quiet (nv card, yv gift, nita-dancing picture, chr*st parents - thank you card, wendy (chocolate), emer - gift, stephen - gift, print out and write 15 thank you cards from the whale birthday party last month, GAM web, 3yr video, church annual report cover, dc web) And I am sure you will be relieved to hear that I did get the storm door yesterday (after putting it off for a week), AND I printed and wrote out the 15 thank you cards for the whale party last night, and made dance recital cards for the dance girls and wrote them out too, oh yeah, and I printed out a picture for nita of the dancing bf girlie. Of course the printer that I sent the covenant card to 2 weeks ago ( and it's due tomorrow) called this morning to tell me that the lamination didn't stick to the black ink. And that I need to redesign the card with a white border (excuse me?) The sample covenant card I showed them had full bleed and solid ink on the bottom of one side, it can be done, and besides, I need it for a meeting tomorrow night! Just what I really wanted, something more to do, to figure out why you are so stupid! I really don't have any desire to pursue that, just do it right! Ugh. I sit here and look at my desk, 36" wide and 24" deep and most of the surface is covered with paper, videos, receipts, video equipment, but mostly a giant monitor that hogs a third of the desk space. Did I mention that my work area is sorely insufficient? I was thinking that I could get a standing shelf and put the behemoth monitor on top so that I'd have free surface underneath, so I can organize myself a little better. I am positive that this entry has proven a challenge to read. I am all over the place...butterscotch clouds, tangerine, side order of ham, and if you set your mind free baby, maybe you'll understand, starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam...


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