one word: proud

Tonight was Bingo night at Bf school. Very exciting, for about 15 minutes, then constantly saying, Did you get that last number? If you want to win a prize you need to pay attention to your card. (for the next hour and forty five minutes). We sat with a friend of BF and her family, and the dad won a round where he won for the whole table! Woohoo! Then Bf won, picked a Webkinz stuffed toy frog (a red eyed tree frog!). She was soooo happy. I won, and she picked out a foam kit for easter for me, which i then gave to her because she LOVES making things out of foam (well, out of anything). As we were leaving we saw another friend, and she looked sad. What's the matter? we asked. She won a panda webkinz but said she didn't like him. Then she handed her panda to BF. I whispered into BF's ear that maybe, if her friend and she wanted to, she could trade her frog for the panda. She didn't hesitate and asked if she would like her frog, for the panda. Oh, yes! she said. And so the trade was made. BF was still a bit bewildered by the whole interaction, it happened so fast. So she was out a frog, which she loved, for a panda, that her friend didn't love. I like the panda, she said. he's cute. He's Stillwater, right Mommy? Right! Right! I said. Yes. He sure is Stillwater. Outside I told BF what a generous gesture she made by trading with her friend, to make her happy. I was so astonished and amazed at her generosity. She is always very eager and willing to share. I am so proud. I just love her so much.


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