well, i think i injured my neck last friday at the gym. all weekend it was hurting, I could not turn my head, or get up out of bedwithout a painful struggle. monday it was the worst, but today it seems much better, albeit a little stiff still. man i am getting old, it takes so much longer to recover from this stuff.
today bf goes to see the dentist. she loves the dentist, especially the part where she gets the toy at the end and a new toothbrush.
Our garden this year not quite the shining star I thought it would be. We've got a few tomatoes, ate about 5 pole beans (but the plants are turning yellow) and I have yet to use the thai basil. I think this week I will use some basil and make some pesto base. Our new tree (added on mother's day this year), the redbud, is faring well. I try to keep it watered, along with the small cherry tree in the front yard, it looks as though they may survive this year! Hooray! Now if I can just get dh home long enough to mow the lawn.
Oh, (and to do all this backwards reporting), we (me, bf and dh) had a vacation up at the camp two weeks ago now. We swam, and ate, and slept. Had a visit with some friends and their little 3 month old baby. the pond was "bath water warm" and bf and dh did alot of swimming out to the raft (with the assistance of swim vest and boogie board).had an all around great time, finished off by the family reunion on Bailey island, Me. it was spectacular. bf loved swimming in the ocean (more like a quick dip, she said, because it was cold!) The view from the house is that picture of the rocky coastline of maine below, before the fog rolled in and blanketed the beach and the view. we ate supper at Fat Boy Drive in and had some (cheap) yummy burgers and crinkle fries (my favorite. finished off with a dairy joy soft serve.
Got some bills to pay and calls to make.


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