easter, birthday, recital

been a bit crazy around these parts. here's some pictures: bf at the diner, bf at rehersal, bf's birthday cake, and the gang from the party. I also attended a Pawsox game, which was alot of fun (freezing, but fun), and need to edit some easter pics to post. My epson r1800 will soon be taking a flying trip out my window, I have been trying to print, but it doesn't want to (insert printer sticking it's tongue out at me). Does anyone have any recommendations for my next purchase? More later.


Scott said…
Did you make tha cake? If so, you are hired!

Talk soon.

S et al.
jimmyjames said…
cute pics. it's crazy how big she is getting.

sharon and i have this printer Epson Stylus Photo R1800 and we have had great success with it.

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