of mice and women

Since I wrote last, I have:

had a mouse in my house
had a birthday
joined the gym (and have been going every morning, save three days)
discovered that we need new screens and or windows in our basement to keep critters out
gotten our laptop back
discovered podcasts with my my birthday ipod
been cleaning everything with bleach and water.
our dear friends had a baby girl. She's as cute as her siblings.
BF started swimming lessons at the gym.
talk to KW, it's been to long and she's still funny as hell
need to send E+K a housewarming present for their fabulous new home (I've got some ideas)
got the windshield replaced in the honda
got the ac recharged in the honda
got the oil changed in the honda
got a new inspection sticker for the pt
weeded, then weeded some more
grew 2 yellow cherry tomatoes, one BF ate, the other dh ate (many more to come)
my digital camera will not turn on (so how is that S80 E?)

gym at 6am = my time and more energy = very good happy mama


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